Less than eight months ago, it didn’t look likely that any French woman would ever wear a beret again. They’d long become the opposite of chic – mainly used as a symbol of French satire along with baguettes and a string of garlic cloves.

And yet last season, they made a comeback. At Dior, they were leather and pulled firmly over model heads, while Gucci’s imbued a Margot Tenenbaum eclectism. Marc Jacobs opted for 90s-inspired Kangol shapes. Rihanna has since been seen in Dior’s leather style, Clemence Poesy favours a felt version pulled back off the head like a beanie and Bella Hadid styles hers with streetwear for a modern look.

Headwear is big news for the new season – anyone who braves a hat projects an air of confidence. They enhance – or at the very least change an outfit. But what makes the beret so relevant for 2017? Despite its military roots, the beret has long been associated with creatives and hipsters throughout history – they were worn by beatniks, painters, directors and poets. Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso, Edith Piaf, Marlene Dietrich, John Lennon, Yoko Ono and Brigitte Bardot all loved them. It was the hat favoured by intellectual free-thinkers.

But then the beret got political; Che Guevara used it in the 60s as a symbol of revolution, wearing it as he rallied for supporters to rise against the Batista government in Cuba. Even after he died in 1967, it was a look adopted by other activists, most notably by nationalist and socialist party Black Panther Society.

With all this in mind, it’s no surprise that this formerly cheesy French favourite is back. The beret is woke. As we all know, it is fashionable now to be socially conscious, to campaign, to be outspoken and to be politically engaged. The woke generation are informed, questioning and passionate about change. The beret’s history renders it the ultimate symbol of wokeness; of the current popular stream of thought.

The fashion industry, at its best, has always reflected the times we live in, which is perhaps why we’ve seen such a rise in politically-charged fashion. Look at Vetements’ EU hoodie, Dior’s cult feminist T-shirts or the number of celebrities who have used their red carpet choices to make a stand, from Ruth Negga to Karlie Kloss. Then there’s the now ubiquitous Corbyn T-shirts, which use Nike’s famed font and logo tick.

There’s an argument that the industry is cashing in on social and political causes, and that influencers attempt to be ‘woke’ in order to achieve a level of depth, but there’s nothing new in designers or the public trying to make a stand through clothes. And, the beret – whether felt, fluffy or leather – has always been the hat worn by those wanting to make a stand.

So how do you wear it now in all its wokeness? Avoid anything overly jaunty or angular so as to steer clear of Parisian parody. This season’s beret should be pulled fully over the head, covering half of your ears. It won’t be easy to lead the resistance if you’re worrying your hat might fall off. If you really can’t bear to be parted with the beanie, then pull the beret over the back of your head as you normally would and hope you don’t lose it in a gust of wind.

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Please give me a dozen cool beauty clothes in the summer under the scorching sun

In the hot summer, we have 100 kinds of cool ways, the weather has 100 kinds of ways to torment us. Either the big sun, dry or cloudy face muggy and muggy, the rain is not a cool place, the steamy feeling will not be affected. As we dress up in the world to find a bit of comfort, please give me a dozen heart cold beauty clothes, and say all the tears AH.

01 Summer must have a green piece, both occasionally enjoy a cool sense of color, but no 2017 popular green grass, but this green is well worth having. A slightly profound color, a playful met, can also be a youth invincible era.

02 Color preference affects our choice. The brightness of the summer is not suitable for the warmth of the yellow overlay, but the unique white evening yellow effect again so that people have to re-examine the relationship between color and season. Bow ornament, add a little vibrancy in the summer.

03 Peace is a little more peaceful, calm and natural cool. But it’s really hard. Simply change the patterns that divert their attention and let their satisfaction not think about the elements of the weather. Pink and purple, soft and sweet, can make you look younger.

04 Bow, let’s come more thoroughly at the end of the bidding era. The white shirt is willing to accept the change, whether it is a sexy lace stitch, or a butterfly knot color, the dialogue shirt is not a problem, of course, want to make a little change should standout.

05 Hollow is a good thing, but it’s not as big as how it might play a role, but it’s visually absolutely cool enough. Pure white itself can reveal the best color, completely hollow romance. The Big Horn sleeve does not make a person feel abrupt, but mildly has a sweet kind of right.

06 Everyone has a print shirt, are you sure you don’t want to come in a? Don’t feel the printing tacky, according to the figure, you have a stunning harvest, according to the temperament choosing the right printing. In addition to the long sleeve design, a little bit of playful edge, the style appears old-fashioned and also childish.

07 Hot Summer has a small white skirt, the style can again discuss the color, but can not change again. The side of the lotus leaf of cuffs and hem, echoing each other, pleated design is a fashion for the popularity that has an account. The girl’s heart of the Butterfly belt remains the same, enough to fight the summer.

08 You are familiar with the blue and white system and changing the pattern, the stripes are classic, but the hip skirt is also common, the appearance of the bow is absolutely enough to lure. Not to mention the race looming, this is the beauty of emboldened’s fitting curves for most of the summer’s best sexy artifacts and dresses.

09 refreshing colors, simple design, why does it look like this? Can be small, fresh, dignified and generous too. Pleated elastic design, the formation of a high waist visual effect is very important and very thin and important, even if it is under the scorching heat of the summer, also maintain a sense of modeling.Read more at:white bridesmaid dresses | mirobridesmaid.co.uk

Weaving Independent trends


Seventy years ago, India won her freedom from the rule of the British Raj, and for as long as one can remember, August 15 has always been associated with watching the parade either live or on the telly, going to school for the flag hoisting ceremony, only to get back home and enjoy the rest of the day in the company of family, listening to patriotic songs or watching movies made in honour of our brave martyrs.

However, as far as fashion on Independence Day goes, it does appear that we’ve limited ourselves to the ubiquitous white kurta, for both men and women, although the ladies up their tricolour game by adding either a saffron, green, or a blue dupatta to match. Interestingly though, there are actually so many fun and fashionable ways to flaunt your patriotism today without looking like the National Flag. And here’s how you could go about it:

Opt for prints

You’re probably so used to wearing solid colours on Independence Day, but instead of going all green or all orange, why not wear a printed outfit that features one of these colours, perhaps against a white base? And while the tendency is to wear Indian clothing today, there’s no harm in wearing a printed dress/top or shirt (for the men).

Pick jewel tones

Attending a fancy function this evening? Wondering how to sport that desi look without going OTT? Wearing a sari or a salwar kameez in green or blue (or both) jewel tones are sure to add the right amount of shimmer and sheen to your look. Keep the rest of your appearance subtle. If it’s a high neck blouse/kurta you’re wearing, skip the necklace and wear crystal/diamond studded statement earrings instead.

Accessorise with orange

A tricky colour to wear, don’t even attempt dressing head to toe in this shade. Instead, bring in that pop of orange by means of your accessories. Your accessories could be in varying shades of orange, from peach and coral to tangerine. You could either carry an envelope clutch, or wear pom-pom earrings in orange, a statement necklace over a white kurta, or even an orange belt to scrunch up that white button-down top.

Bring in desi elements

If you’re worried about looking too put together in tricolour-inspired clothing, you could simply wear any outfit you please, Indian or Western, and see if you could add elements such as oxidised silver jhumkas, silver bangles, a Bandhini stole, or Kolhapuri chappals/ Punjabi juttis, depending on what goes best with your outfit.

Wear handloom

There’s really no better day than today to wear handloom in support of local weavers and craftsmen, and in honour of the rich cultural heritage of our land. While men can opt for Khadi kurtas or even Kalamkari shirts, women can either wear hand-block kurtas or handloom saris, ranging from the striking Ilkals of Karnataka, the classic Kasavu of Kerala, the crisp Chettinad cottons from Tamil Nadu (paired with a contrasting Kalamkari blouse), or the exclusive Pochampally silk saris of Telangana, to Sambalpuri Ikats of Orissa, Matka silk saris of West Bengal or intricate Chikankari saris that Lucknow is famous for, among other varieties of saris. And if you really cannot bother with how you look today, it’s good to remember that patriotism though often articulated visibly and in various forms, does in fact come from the heart! And that’s what really matters.Read more at:purple bridesmaid dresses

Winter wear skirts, warm, not lose value

I do not say that the vast range of norovirus, the temperature difference between daytime and night in the same place can be larger than the season, and, of course, there are environments with less climate change in the indoor and outdoor areas, so the specific situation really needs to be analyzed. With a variety of winter wardrobe, face Blizzard has a large jacket, warms a variety of playing down, skirts can United States, one is responsible for each kind of product duty.

01 Belt Diagonal, V-collar that overlaps with horn cuffs echo back the perspective of the small area, the design sense came out, and the time of the little black skirts of interest never ends in the pursuit and discovery of the beauty of the road, with such a changing flow, the state of growth, and how can we foresee a final stay?

02 this season is best suited to the mountain of sweater skirts, fitting figure curves is the choice of lower skirts, so it’s no good to take off overcoat whether the point has been added to a little design at the same time, or a black gray color or standing small fork has added the number of cooling of the practical meaning high, to reflect the detail and quality of the sense of the place

03 Large color block geometric mosaic, style not only has a big difference to satisfy the visual system of color requirements, at the same time, to spell out the effect of the apparently pale, each color to neutral is carefully worth the taste, from the completed local tensile shrinkage, such as the magic of perfect stature, also

04 white shirts See the long absence of spring breeze, even if only the edge angle, fall and winter, they are not used in the warmest but but the concave shape of the first class, in particular to handle the level of no, the contrast collision with corduroy of the fall and winter sense is also very felt, part of the super warm coat plus the youth of the inner rap winter is still good.

05, the high flexibility of the suit has never been used, the bright part is a black sweater gorgeous sweet, lotus leaf side lattice strap skirt retro aging, removable straps, expand the selection, and two styles, a relatively strong item to touch together, more options are felt intense, try

06 to build with leather straps to enhance the texture of suede material, using the most skin-lined gray powder of the year to add a sense of irregular lotus leaf trim design, the suspenders skirt + method inside can still continue United States, choose the skin color carefully and warm material is chic in Bright eyes.

07 Thick Suede Half skirt is also a product without worry of concave shape, the color of the camel and the good of winter compatibility are most, and the thick sweater goes out to wrap a thick coat together with warm play underwear, and the cold wind is still holding the elegance.

08 this year’s half-skirt is more beautiful than the dress, the United States can be paired in various ways to distinctive features, the metallic feeling pleated half skirts led countless tide people to the bow, silver, flash of light to make the fall and winter no longer darker, with a black and white gray easily to show a high and cool sense.

09 have also half-skirts lined with autumn and winter texture requirements, square pockets are decorated that can be used to play cool, the skirt fork is a sexy sharp weapon with long legs, the pencil skirt style emphasizes tall slender stature, the personality of the green match when the material or color is a ready option.

Ten cut-packed personalities envelope open folk skirts, also pursuing good ones, the warm, thick wool texture of the sailing line embroidery color is dotted with an elegant, dark blue background for a year, low-key light, quiet and detached elements of the balmy Sea of the United States, giving people endless fantasies.Read more at:http://www.mirobridesmaid.co.uk | gold bridesmaid dresses

The universal single product of the line, this spring is very attractive

Whether it is the status or the same, it is telling us that the old-fashioned way might be more useful than fancy ideas. For example, in the world of dressing and dressing, the fashion industry has become new every year, but the existence of a universal single product has never been overlooked. Season, one to show the almighty items and their skills.

01 First appearance is a short coat, the beginning of the season can change the weather at any time, it is not possible to underestimate the same temperature. Classic short jacket style, lapel long sleeve, new material personality and propaganda color, simple, elegant and excellent attractive.

02 Jacket-style jackets are used, and are not necessarily imposed on it by fancy elements such as hollow ah. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be fancy. Pink to over 20 we seem to pretend to be bidding on the head, but it’s just the most likable tender.

03 grasp The casual attire and let the women in the residential land enjoy the leisure of shopping and enjoy the home. It seems almighty, after all, cocktail parties ah, workplace ah, these important opportunities to have a compliment, it is not manageable. But whether you can match the comfort of pleasing your eyes, isn’t it a panacea?

In the 04 hall, in the kitchen, in the profession of the workplace, strong women are very competent. So you need a shirt that is too old or too casual and has the same abilities. The stripes are not too flashy, not too monotonous, is the best choice, and the blue and white stripes are very attractive.

59 Point Trousers Neet, sassy in a cowboy umbrella skirt, the stripes can just handle the good, the sense of politeness will also look more pleasing to the eye. It is not enough to see the difference of the woman who works and the collar elder sister is good, and the mana of the shirt is strong enough by a little change by the detail.

06 in the same way, you need a skirt, more elegant than a shirt, you can work in the workplace, a cocktail party does not make people feel rude. Because a very graceful color is not fancy enough, it seems to be emboldened, so how to foil the temperament, to see how everything just feels good.

07 Maybe you still need a skirt to conceal the traces of past winter, delicious good drinks after a holiday, plus a long winter before the fat, do not need a word skirt to conceal hidden. The combination of gold velvet and pure yarn, the single-ware is absolutely good to play down, but the universal single product is down to two.

81 pieces of sheer knit cardigan will certainly be the darling of spring. Whether it is leisure or a literary fan, everything is on the same. The length can determine temperament, temperament does not necessarily represent a good looking, but the temperament must be very engaged. A plain knit cardigan can decorate one or two for you.Read more at:mirobridesmaid | black bridesmaid dresses

Are you all ready for the New year and missing the details of the pendant

I hate winter because it does not grow to the ankle of the down jacket which I wrapped all, because the key comes, it becomes the center of attention how to become thinner by taking off the interior of the coat. On top of that, to advance from the details, knock on the blackboard, wear big long legs of small hips and do not want to be in the limelight itself.

01 Relaxed clothes + wide leg pants and homegrown leggings are certainly a good choice, but such colocation in warm rooms is not outstanding. The play sound of the big sleeves, in fact, can travel in the sleeves part of the design knot, so that the tedious commute has become very meng.

02 Many of the girls complain about spending five days a week wearing a shirt to show a formal feeling, rather than spending a fortune on a seemingly dull and really dull black suit, investing in a well made print shirt. Red Ray printing is very eye-catching, but the overall degree of lapel and ease is quite suitable to do the interior.

The 03 2017 abandoned minimalist indifference to a gorgeous print with a relatively awkward overlap to snatch the eye, years of printing and matching wear and layering. The section of the wear method used to play the dew bottom of the shirt is very practical, a high profile level stitch jacket of approach perfect succession.

04 Stripes Sweep Almost all the personalized interpretations, unruly from solemn to absurd, spans are great for breaking through the skies. If you choose the casual style of striped clothing, then use the pants and the pants on the sideline to do modeling, walk with the sport wind and small white shoes.

500 folds are invisible streaks, and the fringe is basically classified as a feminine style. Black smoke tube pants and suit pants are the classic of Angel attack, half skirt and short skirt on the middle long bag buttocks, full of feminine charm.

The details of the 06 place are hidden in unknown places, sometimes as seen at different angles. The mesh stitch on the side of the sleeve or the old-fashioned velvety feel seems to have a vague connection, and with a dark light half skirt in the small white boots, the wild will get torn by the age sense.

07 Short coat + High waist pants + short boots, high collocation is very simple but very effective. Short jackets, in addition to their own short designs, can also be buttoned in visually long and long belts. The edges of the lotus leaves and the next outfit converge together, with a thin, crazy and high good.

08 If there is nothing more fashionable than a suit of the same color, especially when there is a feeling of falling, it is simply a natural point filled with slender genes. No problem with the long coat or down jacket, the upper part of the shirt is a V-shaped incision in the wide leg pants, it is now possible whitening collar.Read more at:silver bridesmaid dresses | orange bridesmaid dresses

A new choice of slim fashion breaks the rules cool and beautiful

The most feared form of monotony caused by aesthetic fatigue, then cut and play break creative rules, the vitality of life dress is very necessary, whether it is a cross-twist pleated or a skirt with open forks, the genius is adorned with the elements of these advanced versions of fashion fine.

When you are muffled in half a skirt, you can simplify, long, elegant, short and vibrant, Ana Rosen this beige butterfly knot, with a sleeveless shirt in the lattice and a gold flat-bottomed slipper, to match it, a dark weave of bright colors, high fashion and skirts

Pernille Teisbaek’s deduction is the center of the whole modeling to complete the style of creating a simple modern black and white product, one that is a half skirt of the Kinks tile, the United States envy.

Black long straight fairy sister Gilda Ambrosio with a gradually muffled long skirt and Hawaiian print shirt, the level of color is rich and very attractive, simple bag flat sandals to neutralize in handsome, overall harmony has an unexpected surprise.

Muffled style shirt is one of the hottest products of the season and Vanessavanessahagens this season’s hottest set of shades, shoulders, horn sleeves and body belt elements make the upper half of the volume of large, low-level use of low-key self-cultivated single products to balance.

With a similar white shirt, the waist width sleeve of the V-color is a key point, and a more concise classic black pencil pants, in words with sandals, mixed with a rural bamboo bag that can refresh the fashion sense, silk scarf and other accessories are in shape.

Cameramantam in the street, acting with a brilliant smile against a red knot in a shirt, can rock tightly, to make more layers, a simple three-color hit buzzing under a simple collocation.

« Chic Jacket: Kroskink creates asymmetric fashion, with a good percentage attention of recount and modeling assumptions »

01 Street racket, continuously snatch the mirror shirt style, the cross v collar is also in the pride of the flat chest, which revealed the full clavicle the waist knot does not worry about losing proportions and the line, and the big bow is still very elegant, and the design of the three-dimensional sleeve is a tool to conceal the vintage, and let’s make various elements a pink sweater fairy.

02 Another way to take away the mirror is that the meat the most simple and direct choice, but can be subjected to subtle charm, one-sided dew, hollowing out dew, can also be done in fragments of the same time, the edge of the lotus leaves and irregular skirts, supplemented by the fashionable degree of explosion.

Compared to the two above 03, knockout micro-dew is a lot dignified, over the V-collar, kink neck is very chic and will focus on the upper body to create a new situation of striped shirts, lower body trousers, as well as foil the whole, let’s also open the gas field.

04 High waist kink on waist to show high belly of blouse, play cute, at least in the Shan time, to create a vibrant shape with it and a beloved hot pants or short skirts, the blue and white colors spread in the summer to make the sea feel balmy

05 Ballet top Style Big V collar Obviously, the cross-roll edge lapel is a big pendulum skirt to create a variety of profiles under the best partners, and the style of a fresh retro style, although the full clavicle presents a graceful radians, the height curves more pronounced

« The stifled half skirts: the general routine of Colocation is the beat, with a white blouse to balance the bright spots of this one »

06 again the intricate design would be very good digestion to the Cowboys here too, to create a overlapping layer of slit effect, exposing the layers to virtually hide the flesh, the routine has not yet changed, the little chic details become fresh in this persistent single product

The long outer short structure, with its emphasis on overall tone and proportions, based on the choice of a simple, stylish, long sleeve strapless shirt with a thick striped skirt with a beige stripe in it full of 07 can add a touch of surprise in the middle of a long suit to reveal some of the help of modern avant-garde imagery, or formal modeling

08 High Waist lace skirt is a commuter clothes in the knowledge of ladies, good proportions of the top is quickly tucked into the hips, along the edge of the skirt, the irregular design of the lotus leaf side extends to form a micro-sheet of the horn fish skirt type, defeats a more mellow single, and helps to stretch the length of the legs first short even after a long V-shaped skirt.

09 Leisure holiday fans favor a print skirt, and the use of cross-design enhances the fashion sense than the general beach skirts, a single product of crisp first straw can also be a half-flowered, half-blank, timeless classic shaping, and a summer vacation amorous that can be an infinite match

10 times the open fork half skirts, in particular, want to add an abstract print, not to be paid attention, the character T-shirt is easy enough, and it can be difficult to control a half-skirt, but to simplify this kind of personality, the alphabet slogan as the basis for the completion of a hundred changes

11 similar types of lotus leaf side cross is a high frequency in which half skirts appear in street applause, and the fine grain of pure color and blue is the most common and easy, the presence of elements on the side of the lotus leaf is strong enough and therefore the other suitable simple, elegant open fork design can be modeled cleanly as the slender legged shape flies.Read more at:pink bridesmaid dresses | mirobridesmaid.co.uk

Summer is the first thing to prevent the sun

The spring is getting shorter and the summer is always coming in advance, and accidentally dazzled by the bright sun. Summer is already new, blurry, the spring line should be clear that one thing, there are thousands of elections can not forget the presence of sunscreen.

01 Those thin breathable elegant cardigans can be used as sunscreen, do not limit their choice of death, as long as a little mind can be Xiamen to the beauty of no style. The public wind has become even more popular, sunscreen also has its shadow.

02 What is it like to look at blue and white? The elegant and chic of the blue white porcelain seems to be enough. Neckline cuffs echo each other, and the same value and implication, a generous understanding of everyday wear. The easiest white T-shirt can even match the effect of the person’s eyes.

With the development of the 03 fashion, the increasingly widely applied range of knitting, from fall and winter to spring and summer, knitting has given us a surprise. The ultra-thin design is simple and generous, but not enough to achieve the purpose of sun protection as well as loose sleeves, but also seems to be able to see to form a personality in the overhanging.

The protection of 04 will be the first meaning of the summer, and no matter where you go, you can encounter the beauty of sunscreen. The freshness of the green of the fruit, the unique rule of the season to entertain the eye, the gradient color design, in the same color of the dress, let the playful and full of color, the effect is not the enemy.

05 without fear of the height of the tie, the length of the sunscreen is acceptable to the ankle. White is the best match, with cans and white tunes like summer short sleeve T-shirt. If the inside of the T-shirt shorts is already white, the color of the sunscreen might be better.

06. All feel happy, born in times like this, frustrating many things, but also many happy ones, sunscreen also has many tricks, your life should be a more prosperous bar. Fresh blue, Bat sleeve design, fashion deduction can also keep the attitude of sunscreen, really good!

07 Girls who love to wear long skirts do not have to choose a big length sunscreen, a slim short sweater is enough. The bat sleeve design is very good to keep a certain distance to the heat, not let the dough stick to the skin. Sunscreen is the key, cool and refreshing is the pursuit of summer.Read more at:blue bridesmaid dresses | gold bridesmaid dresses

You’re going to have to go through all those loneliness

Noon, the Bright Eyes of the sun. Spring, even the wind is warm. Too late for lunch, however, Spring has come trance over the years and glad to stay here. You always want someone who passes all the loneliness. Long road, no matter how long.

01 Childhood does not feel lonely, but most are playing in isolation, only in the evening fighting with hide and seek in the morning. The taste of loneliness early in the rainy season, young ignorance, said a strong melancholy taste. Now it seems the best time of life, quiet, witty, is faintly pink.

02 The loneliness of First love is brown. Crush, unrequited, just vague, bloom, and the entrance is bitter, but it is mellow when looking back. The loneliness at that time can make the happiness a little easier for others to support, just to let them know.

03 Gradually we grow a dull color over a gorgeous color. The pressures of life are not smooth causes, friendship apathy, everyone more or less these experiences. I know you have to be very hard too, want to live the same great, but loneliness is always the silence of the dead of night.

04 slowly learned to deal with a lot of things, slowly learn to close themselves, sometimes the solitary pit of our own drilling, can not come out accidentally prison. You don’t have to say a lot, but you don’t want to say a lot, so slowly evolved as everyone can tell.

05 often open a laugh and remind yourself to make a dress on the picture of the day, let the person see the incessant envy. The premise is that you must understand that all the solitude that people need to walk in. Keep a good friend on the phone or develop a hobby and find a way when you can’t free yourself.

06 When we were young, we felt lonely without playing. I feel lonely when I am young and my parents don’t understand me. In love, there is no love, we feel lonely. When it is different, it becomes a sad feeling. The trouble of work, the pressure of life, each is the source of our loneliness.

07 then fell to the sleepy Bureau, once expected to grow, growing up to miss the youngsters. But in any case, loneliness always goes hand in hand. Just do not know what to do like the face of the computer, even if you are willing to watch TV ads. The comfort of a shirt and jeans is someone else’s madness.

08 You can always feel that people want to go through all the solitude, this is nothing, a beautiful spring can feel, try a new life. Strange people and things, strange roads and bridges. Unless you’re no longer depressed, it’s worth listening to all the flower sounds.Read more at:white bridesmaid dresses | mirobridesmaid

Summer practical coats, people who are not dressed are nonsense

« Who wears coats in the summer, is it stupid? » It is nonsense, actually, it is nonsense, summer without coats is a real prank. Hot and searing, beauty girls are afraid of sunburn, thunderstorm weather can be watered, at any time, cool indoors, soft sister paper and cold fear; Don’t worry, just some of the super-practical coats can easily be solved OH

01 « To see what Ah, is also that the other person is actually stupid, not wearing the most stupid coat. The ultra-lightweight fabrics are breathable and very good, both can easily withstand the scorching summer sun, and the wear does not feel stuffy, « Hey, you won’t wear in a hurry, than the exposed arms are too sun. »

02 « The weather is like a doll’s face, do you believe that many people have heard this one sentence in summer, and have a personal experience in the first moment, the sun, the next second, and pouring the umbrella casually? Heavy rains can be avoided as long as you wear a coat, but the risk of wearing light decreases.

I’ve done a lot of good work sitting in the office it dries in summer, it freezes in winter, and it sounds really good. In fact, summer work in the office is very important to the emphasis on the air conditioning is too cool, not good for the body, but the office is not home, it can be very casual, after all, to consider the feelings of most people, the body of a cold girl must prepare a coat in the office, so super practical.

04 Now we have learned about the super practicality of coats in the summer and choose the proper coats. The first choice is not the classic obsolete, the denim is very attractive and very emphatic, the girl suitable for the wear of a summer vacation, heavily along the white dress and hat.

05. As a very personality-rebellious girl, wardrobe clothes must have their own characteristics, even a short white coat, but also have another aspect. Exquisite embroidery in the stitching of the sleeves arm and the color of the zipper place, the common white coat has a patch of denim skirt and rainbow stripe shoes, which let you own a life that is incomparable cool.

06 don’t think a knit shirt is the third season of spring and fall winter for a single product, it is very wrong! It can appear in summer, the rate of the mirror is very high. A fresh print dress, like the summer, is a natural breeze across the eyes, a thin, soft knit jacket that can cover sunscreen as well as the fat arm properly.

07 I was fed up with the fast pace of life and work noise, and finally I was able to have free time, and quietly sat down in the chair, feel the warm morning sun through the clean glass of the body, the atmosphere of nature, really good, natural cotton linen knit jacket + irregular cut + loose leg pants, simple and not wear, enjoy the ultimate pleasant experience.

08 Some lazy cancer patients do not have to consider the problems of colocation, which feel that summer dress is the most convenient, at first glance nothing wrong, but from a practical point of view, still recommends that you put on a big long knit sweater, sunscreen, rain prevention, air conditioning home cold, absolutely summer should be less jacket

09 dress is a very favorite single for the lazy cancer patients in the summer, does not match, in fact, the best match for suit, character printing + lightweight knit sweater + denim skirt Gradually, no matter how you go shopping, a sweet date, or a daily job, a person who does not wear such a practical summer coat, which can perfectly adapt to different changes in temperature around not only meets the needs of three occasions, is nonsense.Read more at:bridesmaids dresses | bridesmaid dresses