You’re going to have to go through all those loneliness

Noon, the Bright Eyes of the sun. Spring, even the wind is warm. Too late for lunch, however, Spring has come trance over the years and glad to stay here. You always want someone who passes all the loneliness. Long road, no matter how long.

01 Childhood does not feel lonely, but most are playing in isolation, only in the evening fighting with hide and seek in the morning. The taste of loneliness early in the rainy season, young ignorance, said a strong melancholy taste. Now it seems the best time of life, quiet, witty, is faintly pink.

02 The loneliness of First love is brown. Crush, unrequited, just vague, bloom, and the entrance is bitter, but it is mellow when looking back. The loneliness at that time can make the happiness a little easier for others to support, just to let them know.

03 Gradually we grow a dull color over a gorgeous color. The pressures of life are not smooth causes, friendship apathy, everyone more or less these experiences. I know you have to be very hard too, want to live the same great, but loneliness is always the silence of the dead of night.

04 slowly learned to deal with a lot of things, slowly learn to close themselves, sometimes the solitary pit of our own drilling, can not come out accidentally prison. You don’t have to say a lot, but you don’t want to say a lot, so slowly evolved as everyone can tell.

05 often open a laugh and remind yourself to make a dress on the picture of the day, let the person see the incessant envy. The premise is that you must understand that all the solitude that people need to walk in. Keep a good friend on the phone or develop a hobby and find a way when you can’t free yourself.

06 When we were young, we felt lonely without playing. I feel lonely when I am young and my parents don’t understand me. In love, there is no love, we feel lonely. When it is different, it becomes a sad feeling. The trouble of work, the pressure of life, each is the source of our loneliness.

07 then fell to the sleepy Bureau, once expected to grow, growing up to miss the youngsters. But in any case, loneliness always goes hand in hand. Just do not know what to do like the face of the computer, even if you are willing to watch TV ads. The comfort of a shirt and jeans is someone else’s madness.

08 You can always feel that people want to go through all the solitude, this is nothing, a beautiful spring can feel, try a new life. Strange people and things, strange roads and bridges. Unless you’re no longer depressed, it’s worth listening to all the flower sounds.Read more at:white bridesmaid dresses | mirobridesmaid

Summer practical coats, people who are not dressed are nonsense

« Who wears coats in the summer, is it stupid? » It is nonsense, actually, it is nonsense, summer without coats is a real prank. Hot and searing, beauty girls are afraid of sunburn, thunderstorm weather can be watered, at any time, cool indoors, soft sister paper and cold fear; Don’t worry, just some of the super-practical coats can easily be solved OH

01 « To see what Ah, is also that the other person is actually stupid, not wearing the most stupid coat. The ultra-lightweight fabrics are breathable and very good, both can easily withstand the scorching summer sun, and the wear does not feel stuffy, « Hey, you won’t wear in a hurry, than the exposed arms are too sun. »

02 « The weather is like a doll’s face, do you believe that many people have heard this one sentence in summer, and have a personal experience in the first moment, the sun, the next second, and pouring the umbrella casually? Heavy rains can be avoided as long as you wear a coat, but the risk of wearing light decreases.

I’ve done a lot of good work sitting in the office it dries in summer, it freezes in winter, and it sounds really good. In fact, summer work in the office is very important to the emphasis on the air conditioning is too cool, not good for the body, but the office is not home, it can be very casual, after all, to consider the feelings of most people, the body of a cold girl must prepare a coat in the office, so super practical.

04 Now we have learned about the super practicality of coats in the summer and choose the proper coats. The first choice is not the classic obsolete, the denim is very attractive and very emphatic, the girl suitable for the wear of a summer vacation, heavily along the white dress and hat.

05. As a very personality-rebellious girl, wardrobe clothes must have their own characteristics, even a short white coat, but also have another aspect. Exquisite embroidery in the stitching of the sleeves arm and the color of the zipper place, the common white coat has a patch of denim skirt and rainbow stripe shoes, which let you own a life that is incomparable cool.

06 don’t think a knit shirt is the third season of spring and fall winter for a single product, it is very wrong! It can appear in summer, the rate of the mirror is very high. A fresh print dress, like the summer, is a natural breeze across the eyes, a thin, soft knit jacket that can cover sunscreen as well as the fat arm properly.

07 I was fed up with the fast pace of life and work noise, and finally I was able to have free time, and quietly sat down in the chair, feel the warm morning sun through the clean glass of the body, the atmosphere of nature, really good, natural cotton linen knit jacket + irregular cut + loose leg pants, simple and not wear, enjoy the ultimate pleasant experience.

08 Some lazy cancer patients do not have to consider the problems of colocation, which feel that summer dress is the most convenient, at first glance nothing wrong, but from a practical point of view, still recommends that you put on a big long knit sweater, sunscreen, rain prevention, air conditioning home cold, absolutely summer should be less jacket

09 dress is a very favorite single for the lazy cancer patients in the summer, does not match, in fact, the best match for suit, character printing + lightweight knit sweater + denim skirt Gradually, no matter how you go shopping, a sweet date, or a daily job, a person who does not wear such a practical summer coat, which can perfectly adapt to different changes in temperature around not only meets the needs of three occasions, is nonsense.Read more at:bridesmaids dresses | bridesmaid dresses

All manner of new fashions of Spring Wind, to the beauty of the flowers

Dezhi Wind, it’s spring. You can’t feel a million acres of United States Peach forest, listen to the virtual ears, see real, spring breezes all the way to blossom slowly, more and more beauty. How attractive can beauty be important in the presence of spring? And see how the flowers conquer the beautiful landscape

01 No matter how you highlight the dark lines, you can also be good with you throughout the spring, if there are no floral ornaments that you still do not believe. So there’s embroidery to help. The skirt of the dark color of the bag is for the poise of the body, and the flower of the embroidery becomes anxious.

02 Love spring flowers do not necessarily let eyes in a big, brilliant place, trivial printing seems more popular. The chiffon shirt has floral decorations, coupled with the presence of the side of the folding lotus leaf, the ordinary style can still add gloss to the spring.

03 Blue System Printing gives people a refreshing visual effect, romance flowers are still worth watching. The print is relatively complex, but there is a blue underneath, so how to look and not feel all sharp, small lapels plus buckles, the presence of rich retro wind is the favorite of the gentle women.

04 Silk and Chinese wind, some difficult controls, the beauty that we also want to learn to appreciate United States, even if they can not control, is the perfect match, but it is a kind of fun to wear beautiful to see other people. Wine Red is a very temperamental, slightly casual and elegant design with two pieces.

05 The presence of the White Goddess is not God on the Fairy Earth, you are our designer for creating a new spring wind. The improved China dress and retro Chinese style, main point is the neckline diagonal lapel and disc buckle. Piping and print design, same shades, beauty keep the enemy let?

06 This must be the color of 10 peach trees, such as mist-like smoke, beautiful, as if people are afraid to accidentally hold their breath, as if to be scared to blow the spirit of peach blossoms. A large pendulum long skirt mixed with an elegant, small and exquisite print, spring is a romantic girl’s feeling.

07-Pack Hip can have a lot of sexy sex, print wants to express its kind of, and fascinating to the irrelevant, just want to show the curves of the United States. Perhaps because of the existence of the printing, the curve of the United States becomes less attractive, still, there is a presence of horn flying sleeve, how many people can care if there is still a waist.

08 Classic style of nature will not be forgotten in the draft. The girl in the yarn skirt will look like this print and stain, Eugen yarn is crisp and delicate, can ensure the size of the skirt, maintaining the freshness of both print, irregular plus cascade, shaped skirt is the most obvious waist, beauty let people’s hearts.Read more at:gold bridesmaid dresses | blue bridesmaid dresses

No small package spring, new style is very spicy eyes

Women love to buy and buy, and this is not suspense, so they are happy to buy, buy money and buy more because they are rich in buying, you have to buy a dress up course season more look at the new eyes, this spring packet very spicy eyes, do not choose the wrong version of the wrong style, the model that wants to save money and effort can be concave half work

01 Casual Romantic Passion Full season new, most have to figure out the following two keywords-fang bags + wide shoulder straps, such as eye catching colors, here, in addition to the mainstream halo back-shaped needle pattern, Plastassel’s zipper gently shakes, all in order to highlight the fashion of youth and to see the pull wind, which wants to attract to a higher point, without limits.

02 on the bright side, even patent leather, the minute of the eye-catching, does not try to polish the weight of heavy, seeing the essence through the phenomenon, behind the hidden connotation of light ze and grace, is almost equal to grand socializing, but also does not fall into the elegant feeling of a single bell.

03 Can this also sigh a new style? The answer is absolutely so, but the mini-packet of locomotive every year in the classic surprise debut no one can deny the shades of metal this season, but how high-end to lure is the seemingly low-key introvert, but it’s actually walking in the higher cold

04 Most of this kind of easiest style is that you can not see the genre of personality, but as if the heart does not die by mistake of youth, all eyes are familiar, and each eye and the period of all time, the popular world will not stop feeling fresh enough to penetrate the antiquity of today.

05. Ask for some star effect, a small square bag of candy color has this feature, and the change of dress hundred fashionable fashion complements each other, is a sweet but also a timely occasion to the color of greasy candies, especially in some specific moments, become the leading role in fashion

06 Color moist, even in a paragraph of knowledge, slightly lonely tassels decorate all the shows introverted, but this combination is obviously different from the overflow style of the fashionable pull-wind streamers, just right to have a gentle elegant taste fashion, more like the city Wan.

07 Dare Retro style dynamic knife is absolutely new, just like this postman package of those sweet and playful print images, the cartoon effect of girls feelings, even walking is still a classic of the Postman Retro College, but also to escape the traffic difficult youthful romantic sweet.Read more | blue bridesmaid dresses

A sexy interpretation of the summer in the interpretation of the strapless

Sexy does not depend on the amount of dew to determine how much there are countless links between meat and sexy, but there is no way, this specifically belongs to the unspoken rules of summer. Especially for the easy entanglement of the woman, discretion is extremely difficult, and it does not struggle, and, anyway, the dew shoulder is the one like the dew as an opportunistic.

Sincere grilling on the face of Day 1, the development of the sweat glands is not the same as wearing a part of a strapless dress, just constantly enhancing its function and wrapping it into any relaxation effect, but the instant refreshing, that feeling more comfortable to mention.

There is absolutely no better day for the shoulder than the 02 dog day. I think that even in the spring and fall frequently, even the long-sleeved chiffon shirts have joined because of the dew shoulders, re-active, to mention that originally belonged to one product summer, restless, Minutes Yang 4.

03 the shoulder from a functional point of view may not be cold, but the shoulder must be cooler than the shoulder from the viewpoint of the vision. Do not judge self-deception, do not fancy or use very effectively, do not believe, try to know.

04 of course, it’s not all single products can be just nice to adapt to shoulder style, such as plain white shirts, on the contrary, a slightly more flexible lace blouse is not the same, the songs of a hundred changes are very suitable for the shoulders of the display, because the forced dew appears very much in the shoulder does not flow.

05 Colorful flowers in the season, the colors it seems to be especially seen, but still can not block the arrival of a long time aesthetic fatigue, so, for the occasional change of taste, also sensible choice to adjust the classic black and white atmosphere

06 Don’t feel indifferent, happy aesthetic fatigue. You know, there are some women in the world who are always so willing to be paranoid and elements until they die. Cartoon print stripe t-shirt favors is the best example of a 3 year old child, with a delicate shoulder of a halter.

07 Finally, remember that one must be saddled with a mission that should not be forgotten as a selfish, feminine, and wardrobe to fill up at least one of the three words height of clothes. Coincidentally, a small round neck inlaid pearl silk blouse is this dress to ponder for himself.Read more at:red bridesmaid dresses |

Summer Cute candy color Dress up

Beautiful girls who see the streets are always envied, why do they look young and energetic and full of nice flavors? Because they know how to choose candy-colored clothing packaging itself, how does a girl who is not dressed as sweet as candy? Want to be sweet nice, this summer can not miss the brightest eye candy color.

A 01 times skirt makes you look very sexual, and the bright colors allow you to look younger and pursue comfort.

02 bright yellow and blue colors are very strong clothes, but it is a bright spot to wear, if you do not have enough confidence in their appearance or try to avoid this whole body, it is a sweet pink choice.

03 Long gowns with seven trousers are always very thin and yellow makes a stylish and beautiful look, making you see a clash with pink and pink, red accessories and amazing sparks.

04 Bright red can definitely notice tight jeans, in addition to tight design in the first time, and immediately let your cute and decidedly silk sexy and soft woman taste.

05 Bright blue can be added for black to become more matte, more harmonious, relaxed style is completely embodies your confidence in the dress.

06. Clash of blue and red colored blocks, let’s look at the same time, wear a bright necklace to the eye-catching bar, want to brighten the eyes, more playful and cute.

07 If you have a simple T-shirt and shorts, it doesn’t matter, just wear a hat that will make you more fashionable when choosing a bright color can be like candy sweet pink.Read more at:purple bridesmaid dresses | bridesmaids dresses

2017 Spring summer Popular greens, how to choose the appropriate just

Color Trend organization PANTONE announced the fresh green vegetation in the spring and summer colors of 2017. In the negative energy test of society, such color seems to bring hope and vitality to us. This is not a visual range of fun, but also a cleansing of the mind.

This color began to pop in the fashion world, T-stage of various charms, slowly affecting the fashion of runway clothing. But not everyone is fit for the green. You can also zoom in on the green area to see what happens when you select a green item.

01 First, if you love fashion, you can decide to try green grass. There is no absolute fit, and the latest fashions are of course a valiant attempt. The distance between 8 and 100 points is sometimes because of the little guts.

02 seconds, if the complexion is not fair enough, do not choose the green high purity. This eye-catching and very bright green, if not white enough to be worn, will show a little look on the collocation of the taste. Green, in fact, is not a good match color.

03 third, the more vivid green is not a good colocation, so you can tilt to slightly thicker colors in the selection. Oriental skin yellow, some are also slightly heavier and not vigorous enough, so you should pay attention to the choice of clothing to maintain a green feeling of cooling. The collar sleeveless straight skirts are very suitable for oriental temperament.

04 4, slightly thicker greens are very good for women after the age of 30. Whether the skin is white enough or not, choosing this color is the most stable atmosphere. Irregular skirts and butt sleeve designs can be ignored by a person of many age factors, but are admired for their temperament and elegance.

05, Gray Green is easier to match than the high purity green. Green as dark green is actually the same color change. Lace stitching making thin material highlights the elegant, extensive leg pants, popular style effects and popular colors this year, which is very rare.

06 Young girls can try the military green T-shirt, looks very simple, the V-collar is less sharp radians, suitable for young postures. A pair of denim shorts can balance the green sense of weight and find another way to release the thick from the bling.

07, the white girl in the skin is not suitable for the choice of light green clothes. White is white and ugly, but the white of the skin does not mean that you can ride any color. The more saturated color of light colored clothing, especially the greens, worn by the skin white people will appear less healthy.

08 But the light green is very attractive, the small fresh texture is very full. The girl with the white skin may also add a hat to use the shadows and avoid the morbid visual effects. Lace stitch long skirts, beautiful romantic, just a pair of small white shoes can make your temperament beautiful to the extreme.Read more at: | plus size bridesmaid dresses

Professional Dress colocation Skills

The work achieved the lasting beauty of women. Reveal the taste, release confidence and guide the fashion… When they naturally become the most prominent group of cities, they use their own temperament to light up early spring streets and we can always capture their fashions.

Romance has flowers

In the impression of a professional woman, the lack of color as a professional attire as a blunt, traditional female professional wear and men’s differences seem to be in the size of most changes. In fact, young white collar workers have affected the pace of fashion, in recent years, professional costumes have quietly happened many changes, to reporters Oriental immortal fashion company designer, Bohemian, crystal, beaded embroidery, lace, flowers and other elements enthusiastic wind fashion industry began to use in professional attire design, women’s delicate mood is finally mobilized

The designer emphasizes the lavish decoration, which is essential to women’s fashion such as elastic fibers, using professional clothes and can reflect better creativity and self-confidence of the wearer. Long ago, the main shopping mall Oriental Fairy Mary showcases some of the latest launches of the autumn costume, this season’s fashionable women’s fashion element collection: style concise and changeable, Austria crystal hot stone local use, gorgeous lace, gorgeous flowers. Enjoy the exquisite, luxurious and hopeful inner world of modern women.

The texture effect of the surface is implicitly touching, the Japan imported acetic acid fabrics, free, elastic lycra fabrics, and colorful printing coat fabrics, etc., an abundance of stylish attractions. The colors are more attention to moderate and darker contrast: both bright oranges, eye-catching blue, and mild beige and stylish camels, yet enduring classic effects of black and white presence.

The accessories are friendly.

The most soft accessories for a professional costume that hides individuality are silk and cashmere. Since the beginning of my school days, women have studied a variety of silk scarf methods. The colorful silk has waned the feeling of professional clothes, but in recent years, it is a gentle, introverted oriental temperament that can explain the feminine nature of the popular cashmere clothing and silky, cold luster. Due to the proliferation of cashmere products in the market, designers have very good advice: Xiamen some boutiques, and existing styles of clothing reasonable colocation, can not be fully armed from head to toe.

Cashmere in a noble and meticulous temperament, let the fashion and the classic grip began to integrate into more and more popular elements. At the fashion press conference, « cashmere Tian, not eons ago » China’s cashmere New image begins « : » To change cashmere sweater for cashmere costumes, restoring cashmere, Cashmere’s noble origins for real Cashmere, « the current market, in the tradition of cashmere sweater crafts, the Chinese cashmere sweater market without style-old, color-drab, cashmere outfits is a low level of vicious competition, while the original noble cashmere stuff in low grade products is abused , on the other hand, there is a large number of raw materials demand for cashmere, a sudden increase in goat population, destruction of vegetation and ecological environment, and industrial development is a bottleneck.

In this background, many famous cashmere brands began to « restore the noble home of cashmere and change cashmere sweaters to cashmere outfits. » The « Tian Textile » and Germany designers about the 25-45 years of women’s design « Tian Fashion cashmere », the exhibition of dozens of sets of cashmere works, the classic design to the glamour of fashion, luxurious and graceful leisure, the avant-garde inspiration.

This fall and winter, « Tian-no-fashion cashmere » and began to interpret the novel angle cashmere: Cashmere is a culture, has life, and has the connotation of the essence of human clothing. It is noble, extravagant, high quality, fashionable, atmospheric and inheritable.

Cool little boots with short skirts

Soft boots short and calf, long and knee, only to show the ring of socks. The texture of the boots is not stiff, and for the smaller cowhide, except for the upper, the boot body is softer and the knees are more pleated. The style of the boots is no longer sturdy as a decoration, mainly leather buckles or wooden buckles symbols of the same color.

Matching skirts in this season reveals a very short mini trend, pleated skirts and narrow mouth skirts, vaguely femininity. Fabrics for elastic wool fabrics, tightly wrapped waist, buttocks and thighs, to reflect the high soft, ups-and-downs sketched figure of the woman. However, it is recommended to pay attention to a professional wear in the skirt 10 centimeters under the knee.

The texture details of the silk stockings are a wide range of colors, the most elegant silk stockings and professional wear to the mainstream of velvet and pure color.Read more at:bridesmaid dresses uk | green bridesmaid dresses

Open a nightgown and enjoy a long vacation

When it comes to a long holiday, most of the girls in the house face all kinds of pictures and laugh without words. Early to go out to commute the day can be temporarily come to a break, steal of leisure time, may as well as home clothes open pajamas lie down?

01 Pajamas Material thousands, pure cotton always good heart. The pursuit of soft waxy touch of home clothing, so that sleep and bed are very comfortable. If there is a courier to the door, stripe printing suits can also be assured to wear out.

02 sets of head and cardigan as pajamas of the two-door faction, they are not the same as the cluster. After all, the former is simple and straightforward, and the latter is more inclined to the light ripe elegance. But the line may not be open, small butterfly knot dotted in the pocket, lively throwing a girl’s heart.

03 Printing and pure color classification is not only on the outside clothes, home pajamas always want to balance each other have a set is called stick. Lovely and abstract style of the faction although the gap seems to be quite large, but as a pleasant and physical home clothing, color will not be heavy.

04 Ice cream and candy color are love with lust, black and white gray cold tone is not suitable for relaxing place. One-third of the life with the bed, must have a good company in mind is not monotonous. Little horn sleeves and pink, just fine.

05 of the frequency of pajamas may not be as good as the small things, but because every day there is contact and change, so according to the seasonal change to catch a stylish is also possible. For example, herbal green can not be out when the ride, only a of people, why worry?

06 What age groups are said to wear clothes to change. However, this point in the home clothing can be completely in accordance with the desire of the heart, ignore it. When you are alone, if you care about your own preferences, what other people are noisy?

07 in the Dragon Boat Festival holiday is coming, short sleeves and seven trousers summer pajamas can also be found from the sorting box, put it all. Although the temperature rising trend slightly slow, but accidentally, in the later one day is very necessary for the wonderful.

08 compared to the two-piece set, nightgown and dress, the same as the lazy and beautiful to meet the high demand for coexistence. The comfortable and silky features are ideal for a girl who wants to go to bed in the hot tub, just three seconds to wear it.Read more at:black bridesmaid dresses | red bridesmaid dresses

Summer Dress or Bust skirt

Often see online someone said, to make a woman beautiful, the easiest way is to buy a lot of skirts for her to wear. Indeed, the skirt is God’s best weapon for women, wearing it can make the beautiful upgrade, who does not like the skirt fluttering floating appearance? However, skirt is also divided into dresses or skirts, dress is very convenient, one can solve the problem, the skirt is needed to match the two, there is no obvious advantages and disadvantages of the points, choose what or to see your own preferences.

01 dresses can be said to be the most popular style throughout the summer, not one, in the popular index, even if the basic section of the T-shirt is English. Many girls like summer, it is because summer can be wanton wear colored dresses. This section of the dress with chiffon to gorgeous digital printing, particularly brilliant and gorgeous, mosaic white doll collar, rich temperament.

02 of the same skirt, half skirt can be regarded as the lower part of the dress, it needs a shirts to match, many people choose it, but also because they just have a T-shirts or shirts need matching clothes. In the next load, big pendulum skirt is very popular, it can cover the meat of thin legs, legs, rough leg is not good for the younger sister paper is the gospel, all the imperfections are hidden under the skirt, and cotton hemp texture with elegant printing, it appears exceptionally fresh and beautiful.

03 dresses have a lot of style, some dresses will make you sweet, some dresses make you appear noble, still some dresses, let you rich classical beauty at the same time, without losing the modern woman’s knowledge, such as the use of the blue-and-white porcelain printing, as if the embryo outline, and after the kiln to burn thousands of years into the blue and white porcelain, beautiful quiet and chic Show your deep inner self-restraint, which is the most fashionable Chinese wind, even on the international stage, your style can attract film.

04 for the bust skirt, skirt is not so long, not so elegant also can not. Try another style, with the skirt of the hip to fit the curve of the hips, carefully portray the very moving very beautiful buttocks, the sexy blend in elegance, do not have a flavor.

05 dresses can also be wrapped in the hips, not naked, but with the body of the line to bring sexy impression. Although the same is the hip skirt, this section of the dress gives a feeling more ol, belongs to the skilled professional women, and it is still two sets of design, if in the street, take off the small coat, become sleeveless vest skirt, enjoy the cool, into the office and other indoor environment, put on the coat, to avoid air conditioning of the air attack, in the summer is very practical oh.

06 with chiffon as the fabric of the long skirt, often can bring a person elegant feeling. Thin and cool chiffon, with a half penetration of the effect, elegant effect, and there is a prevention of the inner layer, this Double-layer design also has a three-dimensional sense, so big popular. Printing using black and light green to bring impact, the feeling is elegant but incomparable fashion.

07 regardless of fat and thin height, you can always find the right skirt, which is the charm of the dress. The dress with Eugen yarn as material is very good, skirts can also keep the state of the fluffy, which makes you look more sweet, like the princess, embroidered add no doubt added to its exquisite sense, and waist belt is a good dividing line, make your body proportion more harmonious and full of beauty.

08 Short skirt and hot trousers very similar, do not overheat pants give people the feeling is hot and unrestrained, short skirts but more mellow, of course, the vitality is certainly not missing. When your hips are very big, the effect of wearing a short skirt is certainly better, especially the skirt of a word, so that you do not have to worry about the problem of hips, so that you wear a sense of beauty and accomplishment.

09 In the dress, the bohemian skirt has a lot of loyal fans, strong printing, like the fireworks in full bloom, silk skirt pendulum, the wind will be raised, full of freedom and romantic imagination, whether it is to wear people or see people, will be relaxed and happy, let a person’s thoughts from the bustling city, free from boredom and boring work, to the soul to the baptism of beauty.Read more at:yellow bridesmaid dresses | orange bridesmaid dresses