No small package spring, new style is very spicy eyes

Women love to buy and buy, and this is not suspense, so they are happy to buy, buy money and buy more because they are rich in buying, you have to buy a dress up course season more look at the new eyes, this spring packet very spicy eyes, do not choose the wrong version of the wrong style, the model that wants to save money and effort can be concave half work

01 Casual Romantic Passion Full season new, most have to figure out the following two keywords-fang bags + wide shoulder straps, such as eye catching colors, here, in addition to the mainstream halo back-shaped needle pattern, Plastassel’s zipper gently shakes, all in order to highlight the fashion of youth and to see the pull wind, which wants to attract to a higher point, without limits.

02 on the bright side, even patent leather, the minute of the eye-catching, does not try to polish the weight of heavy, seeing the essence through the phenomenon, behind the hidden connotation of light ze and grace, is almost equal to grand socializing, but also does not fall into the elegant feeling of a single bell.

03 Can this also sigh a new style? The answer is absolutely so, but the mini-packet of locomotive every year in the classic surprise debut no one can deny the shades of metal this season, but how high-end to lure is the seemingly low-key introvert, but it’s actually walking in the higher cold

04 Most of this kind of easiest style is that you can not see the genre of personality, but as if the heart does not die by mistake of youth, all eyes are familiar, and each eye and the period of all time, the popular world will not stop feeling fresh enough to penetrate the antiquity of today.

05. Ask for some star effect, a small square bag of candy color has this feature, and the change of dress hundred fashionable fashion complements each other, is a sweet but also a timely occasion to the color of greasy candies, especially in some specific moments, become the leading role in fashion

06 Color moist, even in a paragraph of knowledge, slightly lonely tassels decorate all the shows introverted, but this combination is obviously different from the overflow style of the fashionable pull-wind streamers, just right to have a gentle elegant taste fashion, more like the city Wan.

07 Dare Retro style dynamic knife is absolutely new, just like this postman package of those sweet and playful print images, the cartoon effect of girls feelings, even walking is still a classic of the Postman Retro College, but also to escape the traffic difficult youthful romantic sweet.Read more | blue bridesmaid dresses

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